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Barn Hunting: New Sport for Your Jack Russell Terrier

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Have you seen one of our previous posts wherein one of the videos shows a Jack Russell Terrier killing vermin? This activity has been existing for many years since JRTs were actually bred as hunting dogs specifically hunting foxes and badger in burrows.

But since dogs are now treated the way humans treat their human family, a dog’s activities are becoming limited. Nowadays, they spend most of their time indoors, sleeping on a bed from a pet store, playing with toys made by humans and so on. Many are rarely given the opportunity to do things their ancestors used to do particularly hunting. However, no matter how domesticated or “civilized” a dog is, their natural characteristics are always present and can always be triggered by little things such as seeing a squirrel in the yard.

While there are lots of activities to showcase a dog’s skills, only few can satisfy their hunting prowess. But thanks to enthusiasts who never get tired of trying to come up with something that could benefit our beloved hunting dogs like Jack Russell Terrier. We now have this Barn Hunting Association, a group that is responsible for barn hunt activities for dogs, be it terrier or not. Barn Hunting Association (BHA) is founded by Robin Nuttall, a freelance Graphic Designer who used to love horses during her school days but given the high cost of housing and care of horses, she ended up with training dogs.

Here is the page about BHA founder Robin.

This page discusses more info regarding barn hunting.

Barn Hunt definitely makes a fun activity for your four-legged pooch. Should you consider joining, here are the Barn Hunt rules and guidelines. To register, www.barnhunt.com

What participants say about Barn Hunt:

Boomer had a great time Barn Hunting… I think he found his “calling”…
– Dori Page

It was wonderful to see all the dogs turn on and instinct kick in!
– Traci Murdock

In a word: Awesome!
– Sheila Foran
I had a Blast. My Dachshund Dylan Loved it and found the correct rat tube each time.
– Kathy R Harding Kline


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