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Can Jack Russell Terriers Get Hay Fever?

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Hay fever, properly called allergic rhinitis, affects 30% of all people worldwide. Ironically, hay fever is not usually caused by hay and it does not cause fever either. This health condition is characterized by sneezing, nasal congestion, a clear runny nose, nose and eye itching and excess tear production in the eyes. There are various […]

Social Media Savvy JRT

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Almost everyday, we hear stories about dogs, be it about one being lost or stolen and eventually found or one with exceptional skills and personality. Clearly, these four-legged babies are becoming popular that some have sites or social media accounts specifically dedicated to them. What? A blog about a certain Jack Russell Terrier? Why not? […]

Snakes and How to Prevent your JRT from Being Bitten

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Although there is no central data source for snake bites, veterinary hospitals and clinics observe that snake bite occurrences increase during spring and summer. So before we get busy with our spring breaks and summer getaways, let us educate ourselves first on how we can avoid our beloved pooches from getting bitten by snakes. In […]

Barn Hunting: New Sport for Your Jack Russell Terrier

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Have you seen one of our previous posts wherein one of the videos shows a Jack Russell Terrier killing vermin? This activity has been existing for many years since JRTs were actually bred as hunting dogs specifically hunting foxes and badger in burrows. But since dogs are now treated the way humans treat their human […]

Jack Russell Terrier Trial This June!

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Do you want an action-packed activity for your four-legged one? This could be something your are looking for… The Mid-America Working Terrier Association is sponsoring the Annual Jack Russell Terrier Trial on Saturday and Sunday, June 28-29, in Norfolk near the dog park at Ta-ha-zouka Park. In the said activity, the dogs will run, dig, […]

JRT at Work

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Gone are the days when dogs are primarily used for hunting. Nowadays, they are greatly assimilated into various human lifestyles, with most dogs being considered as member of the family. And dog ownership nowadays is more than just feeding your dog and giving him a comfortable place to sleep. Lots of dogs, especially the so-called […]

Jack Russell Terriers in Action

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The Jack Russell Terrier is one of the most energetic dog breeds in the world. Want proof? Below are photos of JRTs hard at work… or play rather. See my Matrix moves! (Photo credit)    Jump shot! (Photo credit)   Focus! I’m gonna get you! (Photo credit)  Is it raining? (Photo credit)   My human […]

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These Jack Russell Terriers Need You

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A Jack Russell Terrier can be stubborn and aggressive at times but with socialization and proper training, they can turn into a loving member of the family that are also friendly even towards children. Thus explains the growing number of JRT owners all over the world. But sadly, an article published on greenfudge.org reveals that […]

Jack Russell Terriers Attempt Stage Performance

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Considering the thousands of JRT owners all over the world, the Jack Russell Terrier is indeed one of the most popular breeds of dog at the moment. Well, that is not surprising at all since this breed can be so loving and tends to stay loyal to their owners especially when socialized and trained properly. […]

Dog-stealing Continues…

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Losing something you consider precious can be disappointing. What more if you lose the one you consider as family… like your pet dog? Yes, it is not unusual for a person to consider his/her pet as part of the family. Lots of dog owners treat their dog the same way they would treat the kids […]


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