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Dog-stealing Continues…

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Losing something you consider precious can be disappointing. What more if you lose the one you consider as family… like your pet dog? Yes, it is not unusual for a person to consider his/her pet as part of the family. Lots of dog owners treat their dog the same way they would treat the kids in the family. Some dogs are even given grand doggy parties, go on vacation with their owners, get to enjoy dog spas and some, that are luckier, are named as heir to their owner’s huge fortune. On top of that, a British woman even wed her dog in the presence of 200 people. Amanda Rodgers’ deep love for her pet Sheba made her got down on one knee to propose and Sheba responded “yes” by wagging her tail. Of course, Amanda is aware that the marriage is not real in the legal sense but it’s her way to mark what the dog means to her.

amanda rodgers
British woman marries her dog

But it’s not always happily ever after for some dogs. We keep on hearing news about dogs beaten to death by irresponsible owners or being stolen from the loving ones. A few weeks back, one family’s heart experienced temporary sadness when their blind dog was stolen along with the pickup truck. Temporary sadness because the 11-year old blind Jack Russell named Scout was reunited with her family because of Facebook. After the dog went missing, the Sundgren family of El Dorado, Kansas posted on Facebook a photo of Scout asking anyone to contact the family should they see the beloved pooch.

Thankfully, the dog was found just two miles from where the dog went missing.

blind dog scout

Facebook to the rescue!

Unfortunately, this isn’t the same for a Jack Russell Terrier snatched at night from a Windsor home. Four-year old Indie, owned by Rebecca Reed, was taken between 6pm and midnight on February 28. Extensive searches were done and online campaign was launched to find the missing pet but to no avail. It is very important that Indie must be reunited with her owners soon as she is due for her heartworm tablet.

Reward is being offered to encourage the thief to return Indie.

YouTube campaign to find Jack Russell terrier snatched at night from a Windsor home

These stealing incidents should remind owners to be very careful when it comes to their dog’s safety. Dogs should not be left alone on their own, even for a minute, when in public. Apart from being stolen, s/he might attack or get attacked by other dogs and you are not around to control the situation. If a dog is left alone at home, secure your doors and gates to prevent your dog from running away and prevent anyone from getting inside without your permission.

The routine can be tiring at times but it is nothing compared to the love, loyalty and joy a dog can bring you and your family. And besides, before you bring home a dog, you should have known that their safety is part of your responsibility. If you do not have the time or capacity to give the dog the necessary care and love, it would be best for you and your dog to reconsider your decision.


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