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Jack Russell Terrier Trial This June!

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Do you want an action-packed activity for your four-legged one? This could be something your are looking for…

The Mid-America Working Terrier Association is sponsoring the Annual Jack Russell Terrier Trial on Saturday and Sunday, June 28-29, in Norfolk near the dog park at Ta-ha-zouka Park. In the said activity, the dogs will run, dig, smell, go in holes and seek out live rats or other bait.

There were 138 participants last year and the number is expected to double this year, citing the judges, Barrie Wade and Kevin Allen (both from England and Jack Russell Terrier Club of Great Britain Board of Directors), as one of the reasons for the event’s popularity. Some of this year’s competitors will come from as far as New York, Texas, New Mexico, North Carolina, Georgia and California.

Also this year, there will be veterinarians at the event who will help out with testing for the breed. Dr. Dan Betts of Ames, Iowa, will do hearing and sight tests on the dogs.

Event expected to ‘terrierize’ Norfolk

We will keep you posted of the event’s updates so watch out!


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