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Jack Russell Terriers Attempt Stage Performance

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Considering the thousands of JRT owners all over the world, the Jack Russell Terrier is indeed one of the most popular breeds of dog at the moment. Well, that is not surprising at all since this breed can be so loving and tends to stay loyal to their owners especially when socialized and trained properly. Some even work as therapy dogs to help hasten the recovery of those who are sick as well as companion dogs to those who are living alone. While they have become amazing household pets, their trait as working terrier is still inherent thus we hear every now and then news about a Jack Russell Terrier rescued after being stuck in a hole.

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Megastorm St Jude reunites family with missing puppy

Trapped dog Murphy: Owners tell of dramatic rescue of Jack Russell

However, the things mentioned above are not the only roles JRTs play. Many have joined various dog shows and contests and of course, there are those that are lucky and talented enough to win. And since they have become a big part of human’s lives, they are even welcome to join not just shows specifically for dogs but operas and broad way. Yes, complete with stage actors and all. In fact, a number of dogs, including a Jack Russell Terrier, auditioned for a role in “Lady Day at Emerson’s Bar & Grill opposite five-time Tony Award winner Audra McDonald. The show is a musical that imagines one of Billie Holiday’s last performances in 1959. While the show doesn’t require previous stage experience, the dogs should at least enjoy being held, get along with other animals and people and weigh less than 50 pounds.

jack russell audition

The first part of the audition process happened at the lobby of Circle in the Square Theatre.  Read the rest of the article about the audition

A different set of pooches including a Cairn Terrier cross Jack Russell also auditioned to take the lead role in La Boheme opera at Grimsby Audition. Like above, dogs must be obedient and have good temperament.

jack russell audition

Pooches given chance to take lead role in upcoming La Boheme opera at Grimsby Auditorium

Meanwhile on the same opera (La Boheme) but different venue (Kings Theatre), a Jack Russell Terrier named Tex was picked from six dogs who auditioned to perform the role. Tex is a three-year-old JRT owned by Lin Gell, who also appeared on stage along with Tex.

Canine Tex to star at Kings Theatre in La Bohème

Sung in Italian with English subtitles, La Boheme, a love story written by Italian composer Giacomo Puccini, is based on Henri Murger’s novel “Scenes de la vie de boheme”.

These shows prove that our four-legged friends are not only great in television and films but live performances as well.


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