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These Jack Russell Terriers Need You

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A Jack Russell Terrier can be stubborn and aggressive at times but with socialization and proper training, they can turn into a loving member of the family that are also friendly even towards children. Thus explains the growing number of JRT owners all over the world. But sadly, an article published on greenfudge.org reveals that the breed is the most abandoned one in Belgium. According to the article, most of these abandoned JRTs come from ill-informed owners who failed to realize how much space and activity Jack Russells need. Owners might be overwhelmed by the liveliness and exuberance of Jack Russells thus they often end up in dog shelters.

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That is why experts stress out that potential owners need to educate themselves about the breed first before deciding to bring home a Jack Russell Terrier puppy, or any dog breed for that matter.

Jack Russell terrier is the most abandoned dog breed in Belgium

Not only in Belgium JRTs are abandoned. In various parts of the world particularly US and UK, many JRTs are looking for forever homes as well.

Hayley, a JRT mix under the custody of West Valley Animal Shelter is one of the Jack Russell Terriers looking for a home of his own. Hayley is already eight years old but despite of his age, he is still full of fun, comedy, love and total enjoyment. This 20-pound terrier is active, playful and considers everyone a friend.

Should you consider adopting Hayley, you can find out more about him by visiting the shelter at 20655 Plummer St., Chatsworth CA.

Harley, a happy Jack Russell mix at the West Valley Animal Shelter, is looking for a new home

Brienne, another JRT mix is also looking for her forever home. This one-year old pooch with friendly personality loves people and playtime. Like other Jack Russell Terrers, Brienne needs an active home whose family will provide exercise and teach basic obedience. She is far from being a perfect dog but with consistent training, she will definitely master her housebreaking as well as obedience.

Do you think you can provide Brienne with forever home at the same time train her to become the best dog ever? You can apply in person at the Humane Society of Missouri’s Macklind Avenue headquarters in St. Louis.

Pet of the Week: Brienne, a Jack Russell terrier mix


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