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Social Media Savvy JRT

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Almost everyday, we hear stories about dogs, be it about one being lost or stolen and eventually found or one with exceptional skills and personality. Clearly, these four-legged babies are becoming popular that some have sites or social media accounts specifically dedicated to them.

What? A blog about a certain Jack Russell Terrier? Why not? An Instagram account dedicated to an adorable JRT? Of course it’s possible!

Considering today’s trend wherein dogs are being treated like family members, it is no longer strange to see our pets having the same privileges as humans. They get to travel along with other family members, some are pampered at spas and provided expensive stuff such as collars, dog beds and many others. Others even make their pets wear blings and other flashy accessories (we’re looking at you Lady Gaga!). So a blog or an Instagram account about one’s pet’s day to day activities doesn’t seem strange at all.

In this, we will be introducing JRTs that are invading social media at the moment.

Meet Ginny, the happiest dog on the internet. This bubbly creature is one of the living proofs that not all dogs from the shelter are problematic dogs. True that some may have problems like fleas and similar but with proper care and attention in addition to love, these four-legged fur balls have greater chance of becoming well-behaved dogs you will love and adore for years to come.


When Ginny was found, she was skinny, her fur was thin and was covered in bites and fleas. She was found, brought to the shelter and eventually adopted by Chelsea Hope England who was then working at the shelter where Ginny was taken. Fast forward to several months and lots of treatment and medication, she was given a clean bill of health and became who she is now – Chelsea’s everything… and Instagram star!



ginny3Who wouldn’t love this cute and camera-ready JRT? Her pictures speak volume!

Another JRT that is equally adorable as Ginny is Jessie. His remarkable portfolio can be seen at his site Just Jessie the Jack. According to his portfolio, Jessie is an experienced canine actor and model in print ads, commercial and films. Additionally, he has experience on Televesion sets and in Live shows; being able to work around bright lights, multiple cameras, large camera crews, loud noises, crowds and applauses.

Proof of such feat? Check out his pictures in addition to awards given to him by various groups and award-giving bodies. While his job makes him busy most of the time, at the end of the day, Jesse is like most JRT who loves to play fetch, swim and most of all, sleep under the covers with his head on his human’s pillow.


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