Just like with people, there are certain items necessary to properly care for a dog, and Jack Russells are no exception. In order to ensure that you and your Jack Russell have the tools you need, here is a list of the essentials.

Collar and ID Tags

Collars should be comfortable and safe, with a metal loop for attaching a leash. The loop should also accommodate a durable ID tag, as well as rabies and location chip tags, if applicable.


There are many kinds of leashes, but the most common and reliable is a standard leather or nylon leash that is about 6’ long, with a metal clasp to go on the collar and a loop at the other end to hold.

Food and Water Dishes

Whether ceramic, plastic, or metal, food and water bowls should be durable and easy to clean.


Your Jack Russell will need toys to keep him entertained. There are many different kinds of toys, including stuffed toys with squeakers, ropes and tug of war toys, chew toys, balls, flying discs, and many others. Be sure to get toys that are appropriately sized for your Jack Russell and are meant for dogs; using items not meant for dogs could put your Jack Russell at risk.

Dog Bed and/or Blanket

Jack Russells need a resting place they can call their own. Nest beds are very popular and replicate the ‘den’ feeling that all dogs enjoy. Flat pillow beds and orthopedic dogs beds are also available, and better for older Jack Russells.


Even if you don’t plan on crate training your Jack Russell, it is important to have a safe place to confine him if necessary. This could be while traveling, or in case of emergency, or if you need to keep your Jack Russell calm after injury or illness. Be sure to purchase a safe crate that was meant for dogs, with just enough room for your Jack Russell to turn around and stretch out in.

Cleaning Supplies

Even fully trained Jack Russells can sometimes have accidents in the home, or can throw up unexpectedly, so be sure you have an antibacterial spot cleaner on hand. As far as cleaning dog beds and blankets, standard laundry detergent works fine, but the less fragrance and fabric softener you use, the less chance you will have of your Jack Russell having an allergic reaction.

Grooming Supplies

If you plan on bathing your [breed2] at home, you will want to purchase dog shampoo. Using human soap or shampoo on a dog can cause skin irritation and allergies.

Having a set of dog nail clippers is handy, even if you plan to have your Jack Russell’s nails clipped at a groomer’s. There may be times where a nail breaks off awkwardly or is causing damage and you will need to clip it.

A dog brush is essential, as well. Even for short haired dogs, as the brushing stimulates the skin and helps distribute oils evenly throughout the fur, causing less shedding and healthier skin.

Emergency Supplies

Just like you have a medicine cabinet for yourself and your family, you will need to stock up on medical supplies for your [breed2]. Hopefully, they won’t need to be used, but it is always better to have them on hand in a pinch or emergency.

Talk to your vet before administering any medication to your Jack Russell

Painkillers for dogs are helpful with arthritis and minor injuries. Never use human medication unless otherwise instructed by your vet. Dog specific over-the-counter pain relief can be found at most pet supply stores.

You will also want bandages, hydrogen peroxide, and anti-bacterial ointment for cleaning and protecting minor cuts and scrapes.

An ice pack is just as helpful to a dog with an injury as it is to a person, so having one handy for bumps or swelling is a good idea.


Probably one of the most important items on this list is a veterinarian. If you are bringing home a new Jack Russell, it is a good idea to have already chosen and contacted a veterinarian that you will use regularly for your Jack Russell.

Choosing a veterinarian is vital to the health and wellbeing of your Jack Russell, so thorough research is recommended when you are looking.

Once you have chosen your vet, be sure to keep contact information in several places; you don’t want to be without their contact information in case of an emergency. It’s a good idea to let groomers, babysitters, and trainers have a copy of the vet’s contact information, as well.

Remember, these are just the basics. There are so many other items that are made specifically for dogs, enough to fill entire pet supply stores! When choosing items for your Jack Russell, remember that safety is the most important aspect, and that it is always better to choose something made specifically for dogs over something made for humans.