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JRT at Work

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Gone are the days when dogs are primarily used for hunting. Nowadays, they are greatly assimilated into various human lifestyles, with most dogs being considered as member of the family. And dog ownership nowadays is more than just feeding your dog and giving him a comfortable place to sleep.

Lots of dogs, especially the so-called “designer” ones, get to eat expensive dog foods and some even have tailored diet to suit their needs. Many dog owners pay for the services of dog walkers, dog spa and kennel in addition to trainers and groomers if they do not have time to spare for their dog. There are dogs who even go on vacation with their owners, wear expensive and elaborate dog collars and the luckiest ones – get to inherit their owners’ huge fortune.

But even if they are geared to live their lives they way their humans do, we cannot deny the fact that what they were designed for will be inherent in one way or another. Take for example the Jack Russell Terrier. More than just a lap dog, this breed was bred to bolt foxes out of their burrows. This certain characteristic can be seen in the breed even up to now.

You probably have heard stories about JRTs being rescued after getting trapped in a hole while pursuing what they see as their prey. Humans, especially owners of this breed, shouldn’t be surprised at all because as mentioned, that is what they were bred to do.

Here are a few videos to showcase that this breed’s natural traits are still inherent.

They can fish too!

… dive and swim!

and of course play alone.


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